LiveCache Trainings

TEWA60: SAP APO liveCache Monitoring

LiveCache Trainings

This two-day training is designed for SAP APO consultants, administrators, and project members, responsible for liveCache monitoring and performance. The main object of the training is to present you the methods for liveCache monitoring and performance: monitoring, analyzes, optimization as well as SAP APO.  During the course, best practices for detecting and repairing common problems and errors are discussed.

Essential requirements for inclusion in the training are completed course ADM555 / PDEF08 or equivalent experience and knowledge of the architecture of the APO.

PDEF08: LiveCache Administration

PDEF08: LiveCache Administration is an one-day course, with the primary purpose of presenting liveCache as part of SAP APO. The course is designed for liveCache administrators, APO system administrators and project members. Essential prerequisite for the efficiency of the course is knowledge of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, as well as knowledge of ABAP. Knowledge of at least one operating system and experience with databases are recommended.

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