MaxDB Trainings

ADM515: Database Administration SAP MaxDB

MaxDB Trainings

This 3-days training is designed for Database administrators; SAP system administrators; Project team members, as well as for Technology consultants. At the end of this course you will be able to manage a SAP MaxDB using the database's administration tools (Database Studio, DBMCLI) and tools from the SAP systems. You will acquire knowledge and skills for implementation of suitable database backup strategies and for recognizing performance bottlenecks.

UMEW60: MaxDB Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

The 3-days course „MaxDB Performance Monitoring and Optimisation“is developed for administrators, consultants and project members. Through many practical exercises you will be able to acquire by easy and effective way the knowledge and skills for data base management, analyzing and troubleshooting. To achieving the training’s objectives, course the ADM515 "Database Administration SAP MaxDB" or equivalent experience is required.

WB550: Workshop MaxDB Internals

This 5-days seminar is designed for database administrators and system administrators. It covers the internal concepts and implementation of SAP MaxDB, version 7.8. The workshop is suitable for participants with a sound knowledge and experience in the administration of MaxDB, as well as attended a course ADM515 "Database Administration SAP MaxDB".

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