Other SAP Services

High-level Assessment of Education Scope

Fulfilling a certain task is often not enough. In order to ensure support for your education project, you must be able to report on progress towards your objectives, and paint a clear picture of your expected results. This is why ASAP offers services for high-level assessment of education scope.

The high-level assessment service enables you to give your senior management a realistic view of the size and scope of your education services objectives. Whether you are engaged in projects related to change management, human performance improvement, or user services and products, you'll benefit from assessment services that can help you:

  • Frame expected outcomes
  • Define required training and documentation
  • Communicate critical timelines and budgets
  • Create incremental reporting processes

Change Management

Once you've made your investment in SAP software, you want to ensure that your employees start to advance quickly in the use of its applications. And for that to happen, you need to help everyone in your organization embrace the real value of your SAP solutions. That's why ASAP offers change management services.

ASAP will work with you to introduce the change process, emphasize the importance of organizational alignment, and explain the tools and techniques you can leverage to address any issues related to your new landscape.

We can help you establish change management procedures that will benefit your employees, so they can:

  • Perform their work functions with a high degree of security
  • Understand the need for a change, learn exactly what will change, and how they can benefit
  • Understand what the organization now requires of them, along with the relevance of the changes they make
  • Receive training to expertly perform their new required skills

Thanks to changing management services from ASAP, you can focus on coordinating and integrating your key leadership, organizational, technological, and cultural issues -- so you can achieve your business goals quickly. Plus, our services can help your management understand the psychology and impact of change and anticipate potential surprises. As a result, everyone in your organization will be ready to integrate your business and your technology.

Education Needs Analysis

Irrespective of you considering training and support, change management, or performance improvement services, ASAP can help you assess your education needs -- so you can choose the learning options that are the best for you.

You'll benefit from an in-detail study of your organizational goals, which can help you integrate your educational objectives with your overall business strategy. We will help you examine your company's objectives, your user communities, and your implementation or implementation plan. As a result, we can develop a comprehensive proposal with specific recommendations and associated costs -- giving you the power to achieve your goals.

Human Performance Improvement

Organizations are as successful as their employees. With human performance improvement consulting services from ASAP, you can help your employees to realize their full potential – and that means you'll be able to achieve maximum results from your SAP investment.

With these services, you'll benefit from a greater understanding of factors that can influence human performance in your workplace. As a result, you can:

  • Improve performance support systems
  • Increase organizational alignment to facilitate execution of organizational strategy
  • Maintain ongoing education and training capabilities

SAP User Services

SAP user education facilitates your daily operations by bringing consulting, customized training, documentation, and the latest computer-based tools to your employees. Apart from that, it offers SAP certification based  skills assessment.

Our training services teach your users how to become more proficient with the SAP solution -- so you experience faster ROI and increased productivity. And through our on-the-job support, we develop materials, evaluate strategies, and perform ongoing quality reviews and readiness assessments.

SAP user education takes into consideration the unique nature of each company. For that reason we analyze every customer's needs during a disciplined six-point process:

  • Plan - Agree on project goals, processes, and deliverables
  • Analyze - Understand process and end users, and develop strategies and course organizations
  • Design - Determine task attributes and final curriculum design, training media, documentation, and priorities
  • Prototype - Develop and finalize class prototype, and develop standards and templates
  • Develop - Develop work instructions, concepts, exercises, any online systems, documentation, and instructor materials
  • Pilot and deliver - Pilot and refine documentation and training materials, and deliver the final product

Education Readiness Review

In order to ensure the success of your education and training solution, you need a thorough understanding of how the solution is going to impact your organization. The education readiness review is designed to help your education team members analyze the work they've done and identified the areas of concern.

Our experienced education consultants can help you determine whether your plans are fully resourced if the wider business community has an understanding of the full impact of your SAP implementation, and if you have the right standards in place to ensure the quality of your education plans.

The education readiness review helps your organization:

  • Reduce potential costs related to your training solution by identifying areas of concern before implementation
  • Increase user adoption of your SAP system
  • Guarantee your education solution is available when you need it
  • Determine the quality of your education plans by highlighting potential risks associated with communication, knowledge gaps, and the quality management process
  • Ensure that your education team is fully aware of any actions that must be completed in order to deliver a successful solution on time

With the education readiness review, you'll know exactly where you stand before you implement your training plans. So you can rely on detailed work plans, effective quality management, and appropriate training.

Training Services Planning

You've invested, you've implemented, and now you think your work is done, right? Wrong.

Once you’ve implemented SAP solutions, you can take advantage of ASAP services that can help you plan and support ongoing training services. As a result, you can fine-tune and enhance your solution -- and drive the maximum for your SAP investment.

You'll benefit from expert guidance on organizational training requirements such as making upgrades, implementing new functionality and applications.

We can also help you with your strategic planning, so you are positioned to address changing needs as your business grows. Plus, we'll work with you to meet your training needs at the individual level in areas such as ongoing attrition, new hires, and other continuous improvement initiatives -- so the knowledge your company acquires is never lost.

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