ASAP is the biggest based in Sofia SAP training provider. The company is an official SAP Education Partner. ASAP is the only SAP partner providing original educational materials both in Bulgarian and in English. ASAP provides the following services:

  • Standard SAP Training – Training in Sofia,  using original SAP materials and servers in compliance with SAP AG standards.
  • SAP Certification – ASAP give to its clients the opportunity to acquire a SAP Certificate in Sofia, which is valid all over the world.
  • SAP Custom Training – Customer Specific Trainings
  • Change Management –Assisting you in the change process, ensuring you take the right organizational direction, coordinating and integrating your key leadership, organizational, technological, and cultural knowledge so that you can achieve your business goals quickly
  • Education Engagement Manager – You get at your disposal a SAP Training Manager- a highly qualified and experienced employee, dedicated to the success of your individual SAP educational program
  • Education Needs Analysis –Close examination of your company's objectives, your user communities, and your implementation or implementation plan. As a result, we can develop a comprehensive proposal with specific recommendations
  • Assessment of Еducation Scope –We offer to your senior management one easy and simple definition of the scope, possibilities, and costs of the elements, needed for successful implementation and update of your SAP solutions

SAP education for your employees is the biggest investment in today’s changing and highly competitive environment. ASAP provides you with a variety of services, courses, and materials, which can help you for the productive use of every SAP system.

Our main goal is to fulfill your requirements as we help you in the process of getting knowledge and skills via specialized trainings, appropriate for your business and group of users.

We offer you unique opportunities for educating your employees via 4-steps model. It includes the following:

1. Analysis- Research and assessment of education needs

  • Formulating a request for SAP education - guidelines
  • Organizing interviews in order to get accurate information about the training needs
  • Analysis of the current situation in the organization
  • Identification of the need for certain training - choosing a SAP course with the assistance of a SAP consultant

2. Planning- Course definition, program, and duration

  • Defining topic and course type
  • Providing the best specialist in the sphere
  • Designing a curriculum for the theoretical and practical part of the in-company training

3. Execution- Course implementation

  • Interactive overview of the problem areas that are to be addressed with the training
  • Practical exercises and simulations
  • Monitoring the training in order to get maximum results and ensure client’s benefit

4. Control- Assessment of the training results

  • Apply methods and techniques for evaluation of the education effects
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Client's feedback on the training results

If you trust our 4-steps model you will get the finest SAP education.

Why us?

  • We will provide you in-company SAP training according to your needs.
  • The curriculum will be designed in compliance with your requirements.
  • You will receive high-quality training from the most experienced SAP trainers in Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Our goal is to help your organization develop and we will go beyond the possible to get there.
  • We have the experience and expertise in SAP education needed for the Bulgarian market.
  • We provide SAP materials and courses in Bulgarian, as well as in English.
  • Our training center has the newest computer equipment.
  • Our team consists of proven experts in the field of Human Resouces, Sales, and IT Support.
  • We have a long-term business strategy based on flexible business solutions.
  • We always request feedback from our clients because their opinion is important to us.
  • Our approach is successful. Our clients are satisfied and they continue working with us.

Want to learn more? Email us at sales@asap.bg or call us on: +359 2 4475115.