Trainings for Administrators

Trainings for Administrators

The Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise Course


The target audience for this course is Database Administrators, Database Designers, End-Users and SQL Developers.

Аfter completion of this course you will be able to use the basic components of Adaptive Server Enterprise to connect to a server database, to create tables, populate the tables with data, and efficiently query data from those tables.You will be able also to write code in Transact-SQL. Upon completion of the course will be able to effectively use and manage transactions and create procedures for their operation.

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System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise Course (Release 15.7)


The target audience for this five-day course is System Administrators and Database Administrators. The course is designed to give you knowledge how to identify the major tasks of Sybase system and database administration with emphasis given to resource management, system security, monitoring and troubleshooting.

This course includes hands-on exercises to install an ASE server instance from scratch, configure and allocate hardware resources, create data stores, implement data access security, identify and resolve database corruption issues, execute backup and recovery strategies, job scheduling, and establish monitoring practices to maintain a healthy database ecosystem.

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Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting for Adaptive Server Enterprise Course


This course is designed for  System and Database Administrators. After completion of the course you will acquire basic knowledge and skills how you should use DBCC commands to detect and resolve table fragmentation, allocation, and linkage problems.

You will also acquire the extended skills of server administration: what to do when hardware fails, and how to implement special-use features of Adaptive Server Enterprise 15. You will be familiar with special features allow for greater flexibility in migration and automating administration, server monitoring, integrated data spaces, and resource management.

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Troubleshooting Adaptive Server Data Structures Course


This 4 days course is suitable for Database Administrators who are responsible for the troubleshooting and repair of Adaptive Servers; System Administrators who are responsible for the maintenance of Adaptive Server storage and internal structures; Performance and Tuning Specialists who have system and/or database administration responsibility in managing Adaptive Server environments.

Moving beyond the topics covered in the Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting courses, this course addresses in great detail the inner workings of ASE versions 12.5 thru 15.0.3.

The goals of the course are to understand the inner workings of Adaptive Server data structures; Use DBCC to discover potential data corruption problems; Identify and resolve different types of data corruption; Use Recovery Fault Isolation (RFI).

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Performance & Tuning using MDA Tables Course


The target audience for this 3 days course is Database Administrators, Database Designers, and System Administrators. It is iniciated to give you skills and in-depth knowledge how you configure MDA Tables, explain the purpose of each MDA table, setup a Repository environment for monitoring and dignose and troubleshoot your ASE environment.

The course covers the following topics: Introduction to MDA Tables; Characteristics of MDA Tables; MDA Tables - Definitions & Usage; Configuring MDA Tables; Capturing Data to the MDA Repository; Monitoring Server Resources; Monitoring Application Resources; Process Level / Fault Isolation Monitoring.

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ASE 15 Migration for DBAs Course


The target audience for this course is Database Administrators, Sybase System Administrators  and SQL Developers.

During the course you will explore the Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0.3 server environment from a database administration perspective before and after a migration. Also, take advantage of the monitoring and evaluation tools of Adaptive Server Enterprise 15; interpret their diagnoses into specific plans of action; and perform tasks to evaluate and modify the behavior of the optimizer. After the course you will be able to work more efficiently with the statistics used by the new optimizer and make changes to existing methodologies for generating them.

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Powering Up with ASE 15.0 Course


The target audience for this course is Database Administrators, Performance and Tuning Specialists, Database Designers, System Analysts and Architects.

This course is iniciated to give you skills and in-depth knowledge to upgrade from a previous release of ASE, become familiar with the new ASE 15.0 utilities. You will become familiar identify the new functions available for SQL development. During the course you will learn the new techniques for performance monitoring and optimization. Gain hands-on experience with the newest features of Adaptive Server Enterprise version 15.0, which includes a vast array of new capabilities for administrators, SQL developers, and end users.

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Powering Up with ASE 15.7 Course


This 2 days course is designed for Database Administrators and SQL Developers.

During the course, you will gain familiarity with changes made in Adaptive Server Enterprise versions 15.5 and 15.7. You will learn a plethora of small functionality changes, code changes, MDA table changes, administration changes, changes to implementation of server security and new system procedures and utilities. During the course you will learn how to configure and use the transfer table functionality and take advantage of the new data compression capabilities in ASE version 15.7.

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