ASAP released a new website for certification -


TEST.BG is the largest test center in Bulgaria with more than 40,000 users! It offers its members a free access to exams delivered by the most popular vendors worldwide. You could test your skills in the field of operating systems, MS Office, Internet communications and foreign languages. TEST.BG issues certificates as a full member of International Webmasters Association (IWA). IWA is one of the world's largest centers for online training and certification of IT professionals. Certificates of TEST.BG will be delivered to you in less than 72 hours in a bilingual version with an individual identification code!

TEST.BG provides a unique opportunity for Bulgaria. You can choose to test your skills in order to obtain an internationally recognized certificate issued by one of the largest companies in the IT industry worldwide. Thanks to TEST.BG you could take exams of over 70 companies worldwide! TEST.BG is authorized to assist you to choose which test will help you in your future career development.

Want to learn more? Email us at or call us on: +359 2 4475115.