ASAP Ltd. became the provider of training in an Operational program "Human Resources" 2007 - 2013 - "I can more"


On April 12, 2012, ASAP Ltd. became the provider of training in the Оperational program "Human Resources Development" 2007-2013 - "I can more." This enables the company to expand its training center, offering the students entirely new courses through which they will have the opportunity to gain professional qualifications in some of the following areas:

Training on computer networks with products of Cisco;

Creating web pages with Dreamweaver;

Basics of computer networks;

Training on the Internet;

Training on Photoshop;

Fundamentals of Java-Part 1 and Part 2;

Basics of SQL-Part 1 and Part 2;

Basics of PHP;

Fundamentals of Linux;

Learning to work with Access;

Learning to work with MS Office;

Learning to work with Project;

Learning to work with Windows XP;

Working with the programming language ABAP to SAP;

Fundamentals of SAP;

Fundamentals of Business Objects Universes - Part 1 and Part 2;

Basics Business Objects Web Intelligence - Part 1 and Part 2;

Basics Module "Finance" in SAP;

Basics module "Management Accounting" SAP;

Fundamentals Module SAP "Human Resources";

Fundamentals of SAP in the enterprise;

Basics module "Supply" SAP;

Basics "Sales" SAP.

Students will be able to use their vouchers for full or partial free education in ASAP Ltd., and  in return will be rewarded with 100% dedication to their needs, a peaceful academic environment of a  professional training specialist team, and a guarantee for success in their future careers!

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